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For peace of mind that your outbound business data is protected against malicious intentional theft, read our guide to eliminating data theft.






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In our free guide you'll learn the necessary detection steps to defend against data theft threats from ...


bad actors such as hackers or disgruntled employees



botnets, RATs, ransomware



data transfer risks to cloud appls



application misconfiguration or malicious updates

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ZORB zorb logoovercomes the challenges of rule-based firewalls and Intrustion Prevention Systems, by merging application-level blocking with robust enterprise-wide data theft prevention rules, without the resource overhead of rule creation and ongoing maintenance.

ZORB is an EPS (Exfiltration Prevention System) - a cost effective, industry leading software-as-a-service application that can bring your Microsoft environment up to enterprise DLP levels to eliminate data theft.

  • Data Protection - protect your business sensitive data to meet Cyber Essentials, ISO27001, GDPR.
  • Reputation Protection - maintain the confidence of your board, shareholders, and customers.
  • Revenue Protection - it costs £1,000s to recover a business from breach, but reputation recovery costs £million's.